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  •   Since 2000, 402 floats have been deployed by China Argo Project in the Northwestern Pacific and Indian Ocean. All floats were deployed from Research Vessel. At the same time, ship-based CTD and Laboratory Salinometer (Guild Line AutoSal 8400B) are used to make synchronous observations of T/S. And water samples are taken in order to get the standard salinity value near the Argo floats deployed, for the purpose of understanding the CTD's performance and correcting the in-situ data provided by the Argo floats.

      China Argo Real-time Data Center receives Argos messages from CLS every day, and carries out messages decoding and real-time quality control which was developed by AOML . After that, all profiles are uploaded to the server.

       Click here to get Argo data from the China Argo floats. Also you can download data from FTP site.

    Deploy positions of the Argo floats in the Northwestern Pacific and Indian Ocean

    Last update: 2018/1/22