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  •   Official versions of Argo data lie on the Global Data Centers ( GODAEand IFREMER ), and the Argo Information Centre is the official site for information about the Argo program.

      Specific objectives of the Argo Data Center are to:

      1. Make real-time quality controlled data available to the operational community within 24 hours of collection.  A 24 hour, 7 day a week fully automated operation is provided.

      2. Achieve a higher level of quality control, including expert inspection of profiles, applied to the data within 3 months.

      3. Provide continuous open access to the data after the real-time quality control.

      4. Perform continuous evaluation of the network to ensure that design requirements are satisfied.

      5. Generate of data products to increase the usefulness of data and for further quality assessment.

    (from U.S. Argo Data Centre, AOML)

      Positions of the floats that have delivered data within the last 30 days:

      Provided by Argo Homepage

      The final repository for Argo data is with the US National Oceanographic Data Center ( NODC ). They will also distribute Argo data on CDs so as to permit Argo data use by groups without reliable or low cost internet access