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  •       September 2015, supported by Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy's "The Science and Technology Strategic Pilot Projects" and foundation sharing voyage, China Argo Real-time Data Center deployed 9 floats in West Pacific in "Scienc R/V", this's the 19th batch of floats deployed in that area (total cruise-21). 4 stantard floats belong to "  Real-time Survey of the Western Pacific Ocean with Argo, a special project of basic scientific research", 5 Iridium floats belong to "  Upper Ocean Response and Feedback Mechanisms to Typhoon. Advance in Earth Science, 973 project".

            "Real-time Survey of the Western Pacific Ocean with Argo" is to improve the accuracy and reliability of data in West Pacific with the help of Argo floats. The projcet plans to to deploy 35 Argo floats to replenish and maintain in the West Pacific which is of important China Argo Ocean Observing Network. For now the project has deployed 21 floats. Since 2002, China Argo project has deployed 346 floats, 184 floats still work.

    Positions of 9 floats deployed in western Pacific Ocean

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