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  • Deployment Cruise-30
  • Author:China Argo Real-time Data Center   Source:Argo  Pubtime:2018-10-24 13:17:11   Hit:
  • China deployed a number of automatic profile floats in the Western Pacific Ocean

          From August 16th to September 14th 2018, the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (SOED) successfully deployed 8 automatic profile floats (3 APEX floats,5 PROVOR BGC floats) in the Northwest Pacific Ocean carried by the R/V "JiaGeng". At present, 35 automatic profile floats which funded by the central large scientific instrument purchase special project -"Real-time ocean automatic profiling floats observing system" have been deployed in the Western Pacific and other Oceans. All floats are working normally except for 3 floats that are suspended due to quality problems.

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