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  • The 8th Seminar of Ocean Data Assimilation & the 2nd Argo Science Workshop held at Zhoushan
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  •     To promote the research of ocean data assimilation and application and to strengthen the application of Argo dataset in oceanology and meteorology, Several research Institutions under the State Oceanic Administration and Chinese Academy of Sciences held the 8th  Seminar of Ocean Data Assimilation & the 2nd Argo Science Workshop held in Zhoushan from November 5th to 8th, 2013.    

    This meeting was organized by the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment  Dynamics, the Second Institute Of Oceanography, undertaken by Zhejiang Ocean University and Zhejiang Ocean Development Institute, and Co-organized by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics CAS, the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology CAS, the National Marine  Environmental Forecasting Center, the China Oceanic Information Center. 103 representatives from twenty-six departments domestic and overseas attended the conference.                               

         The opening ceremony was held by professor Xu Jianping, the member of Argo Steering Team, chief scientist of China Argo, professor of the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics and the Second Institute Of Oceanography. Professor Li Jiabiao, Deputy Director of Second Institute of Oceanography, and Professor Ding Guofang, Director of Scientific Research Department of Zhejiang Ocean University both made welcome address respectively. Professor Chao Jiping, the founder of China Argo and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Honorary Director of National Marine Enviromental Forecasting Center, reviewed the hardships of the developing processes of China Argo project, detailed the achievements , and encouraged the young and middle-aged researchers to make more contribution and achievement in data assimilation and application based on the Argo dataset. Finally, he mentioned that founding the observation network of Argo is an unprecedented work, and the scale of the network is extending constantly, the amount of the Argo floats will increase from 3000 to 4000. But, there are always some floats stop working because life expires, parts of them sunk into the sea and others are still floating, they could become potential oceanic garbage! International community must pay high attention on this situation, Chinese float production manufacturer should also solve this issue from technical level, so that we will decrease the potential damage.

         Professor Zhangxian'en, former director of basic research department of ministry of science and technology, professor of Institude of biophysices, Chinese Academy of Sciences, didn't attend the conference for another important meeting, but on his way back from the The Gates Foundation meeting in Brazil, he sent an e-mail and said: It's pity that I didn't attend the conference in Zhoushan, I could see the relevant progress and meet my old friends like Mr.chao. In fact, no matter whether I am on the job or not, Argo is what I always pay attention on. I'm often invited to some report about the development of science, Argo program is a good sample for the achievement of international cooperation and the research of the oceanology and global change study, I always use the latest Argo data from the internet. Professor Chaojiping's fond memories and ardently anticipate, professor Zhangxian'en's firm support and highly recognition, gave everyone confidence to complete the conference and responsibility for doing a good job. Under the host' proposal, All the delegates gave enthusiastic applause and heartfelt gratefulness to famous experts and directors of departments at all levels who have paied high attention and strongly support to the Argo program like professor Chaojiping and professor Zhangxian'en.

           After the brief opening ceremony the meeting began, the meeting reports included: the development of the ocean data assimilation, the research of technology and scientific theory method, the application of the ocean data assimilation, the development of the ocean observation net, the Argo dataset’s use in fundamental research, the ocean data assimilation and application forecasting system, the research and development of domestic automatic profiling floats etc. Professor Zhujiang from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of CAS, professor Chen changsheng from University of Massachusetts, professor Li qingquan from National Climate Centre, professor Zhangren from The PLA university of science and technology and professor Chenxianrao from The first Institute of Oceanography,SOA and other more than thirty domestic and overseas  scientists gave reports. The conference accepted up to forty abstracts and over ten  poster papers, the conference shows the achievement in technology of the ocean data assimilation and the application of Argo dataset sufficiently.

           The conference received intended effect and success.

    Deputy director Lijiabiao mading welcome address

    Director Ding Guofang mading welcome address

    Professor Cao Jiping speaking

    Professor Zhu Jiang reporting

    Professor Chen Changsheng reporting

    Professor Li Qingquan reporting

    Professor Xu Jianping reporting

    Question & Answer

    Question & Answer

    poster in the conference

    Group photo of delegates

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