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  • Studythe observation of Argo profiling floatsits applicationthe northwestern Pacific Ocean
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  •         In this project certain number of Argo profiling floats will be deployed in the northwestern Pacific Ocean to supplement and maintain China Argo ocean observing array and guarantee the position of our country in the international Argo program and the right to share the Argo data of global ocean, so as to provide high quality Argo data for home users and promote the application of Argo data in the fields of marine and atmospheric sciences. Meanwhile Argo data will be used together with remote sensing data and other ocean observational data to study in detail the multi scale air-sea interaction processes in Western Pacific, especially the warm pool area, with the matured data fusion technology combined with numerical models, so as to increase our level of forecasting typhoon, monsoon precipitation, and ENSO.

           The Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA is in charge of the project and the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center and the South China Sea forecasting Center, SOA participate in the project, which will last 2 years (2007 – 2008). The main research contents are as follows:

           1. 10 Apex Argo floats will be imported and deployed the warm pool area of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. In situ CTD and ADCP observation will be carried out for comparison.

           2. Data fusion algorithm will be studied and fusion model will be built up with quality controlled Argo data combined with multi source satellite remote sensing data.

           3. Using the ability of Argo float to carry out three dimensional observation continuously and synchronously with high resolution and combined with remote sensing data of wind field, surface temperature field altimetry, temporal-spatial distribution and variation law of the upper ocean structure in western Pacific (especially in warm pool area) will be analyzed, and on the basis of this and combined with numerical models, multi scale air-sea interaction will be studied in depth. Application of Argo data in operational ocean forecasting will be carried out to provide scientific base for the operational application of marine , weather and climate forecasting of our country.

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