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  • Project Development - 2017
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  • •November 26 to December 2, 2017

          The eighteenth Argo Data Management Team meeting (ADMT-18) was hosted by BSH in Hamburg, Germany. Associate Professor Liu Zenghong and Research assistant Lu Shaolei, from China Argo Real-time Data Center attended the meeting. Dr. Xing Xiaogang from SOED, Dr. Yang Jinkun and research assistant Dong Mingmei from National Marine Data & Information Service also attended the meeting.

    •November 30, 2017

          China Argo Real-time Data Center deployed one Deep profile float (WMO number is 2902741) in South Pacific Ocean (54.69oS, 172.78oE) by the R/V 'XUELONG' , which was the first time that China Argo deploy Deep Argo float in the Southern Ocean. At the same time Shanghai Ocean University also deployed one Biogeochemistry profile float, which WMO number is 2902701. In addition ,the Shanghai Ocean University deployed another float in Indian Ocean on Sep. 25, 2017. China Argo Real-time Data Center have carried out the decoding、calculation and quality control work.

    •November 28-30, 2017

          Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA organized the 'Third Sino-Africa Forum on Marine Science and Technology'. In this meeting Sun Chaohui ,the Senior engineer from China Argo Real-time Data Center, introduced the China Argo project, and exchanged views on the cooperation prospects in Argo.

    October 15 to November 15, 2017

          China Argo Real-time Data Center deployed 5 HM2000 profile floats in Western Pacific Ocean by the R/V 'KEXUE' .

    October 10-11, 2017

          State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics(SOED) organized the“Technology and Application of BGC-Argo float workshop”in Hangzhou ,China. About 30 representatives from the US, France, UK and other countries participated this workshop. In this workshop, Dr. Chaifei, the Director of SOED elected as a member of the International Bio-Argo Scientific Steering Committee.

    May 21, 2017

          Mathieu Belbeoch, also accompanied by liu Zenghong, visited the manufacture factory of HM2000 floats and Qingdao Seamount Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. Tan Hua, the general manager of the company, introduced the hardware facilities, as well as the development and production of HM2000 floats and the newly imported NEMO floats. During the communication, Mr. Belbeoch invited the company to participate the multi-model floats contrast activity proposed by the AIC, in order to help more users to understand the performance of HM2000 float and enlarge its international influences.

    May 17-18, 2017

          Mathieu Belbeoch, accompanied by liu Zenghong, visited and inspected the manufacture factory of COPEX floats in the National Marine Technology Center (NMTC). Zhang Shaoyong, a researcher of the NMTC, introduced in detail the assembly facilities, communication module, working life and annually production of the float. He also argued with Mr. Belbeoch on the working performance of the float and the contributions to the global Argo observation network.  

    May 17-18, 2017

          Mathieu Belbeoch, a coordinator of the International Argo Information Center (AIC), visited SOED and China Argo Real-time Data Center. During his stay, he gave a talk with the researchers on the topic- "JCOMMOPS: supporting the implementation of Argo and other sustained global ocean observing systems", and stated the JCOMMOPS’ daily operations, main duties and fundament of the AIC. 

    March 14-17, 2017

         The 18th Argo Steering Team (AST-18) was held in Hobart, Australia. Liu Zenghong, an associate researcher in China Argo Real-Time Data Center and an assistant researcher Cao Minjie attended the meeting (Chinese delegates included Wan Fangfang, an associate researcher at the National Oceanic Information Center). During the meeting, Associate Professor Liu Zenghong was interviewed by the local media, talking about the achievements made in the 15 years of China's Argo project and its future development.

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