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Events in 2018

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The 19th International Argo Data Management Team (ADMT-19) meeting hosted by Scripps Institution of Oceanography was held in San Diego, USA.  Liu Zenghong, the Chinese representative of the International Argo Data Management Team, Xing Xiaogang, the Chinese representative of the International Biological Argo Data Management Team, and Wu Xiaofen, the assistant researcher of the Chinese Argo Real-time Date Center, attended the meeting.


November 12-262018

The 2018 International Training Program(ITP) International Training Workshop on Marine Satellite Remote Sensing and Argo Monitoring Technologies(Sat-Argo), was held in the Second Institute of Oceanography (SIO), Ministry of Natural Resources of the People’s Republic of China (MNR).

The Sat-Argo Training Workshop focused on practical marine ecological remote sensing and Argo float monitoring technology, and promoted the exchange and cooperation of marine managers and scholars in developing countries such as Asia, Africa, South America. At the same time, this workshop would help developing countries to conduct coastal water environment monitoring by marine satellites, cultivated talents in marine satellites and Argo float data processing and application, and shared the benefits of global marine remote sensing observations and the global Argo marine observation network.

Sat-Argo Training Workshop had 24 foreign participants from 13 countries (including Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Oman, Madagascar, Nigeria, Seychelles, Cameroon, Argentina, and Brazil).



•March 23, 2018







      Assistant Research fellow Mr. Lu Shaolei went to Qingdao for a final testing of 4 Iridium Apex floats. These floats were being planned to be deployed in the Northwestern Pacific ocean by the the special voyage of "Wenhai Program of QNLM". 



•March 12 to 17, 2018







      The 19th Argo Steering Team meeting (AST-19) was held in Sydney, British Columbia, Canada. The meeting was hosted by the Institute of Ocean Sciences (IOS). Senior engineer Sun Chaohui and assistant research fellow Cao Minjie from China Argo Real-time Data Center attended the meeting. Ms. Dong Mingmei, assistant research fellow from the National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS), was also invited to attend the meeting.