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Float deployment

China TPOS2020 project deployed 21 floats in the tropical western Pacific

Editor :China Argo Real-time Data Center    Time :2021-03-28 10:42:01    Visit :
      As part of TPOS-2020 observing system, China deployed 21 profiling floats in the tropical western Pacific ocean during December 2020-January 2021. The deployment cruise was implemented by CSIO, MNR, and conducted by the RV "XIANG YANG HONG 06". During the cruise 3 TAO buoys and 2 moorings were also deployed near  the equator which is a start that China makes contribution to the international TPOS-2020 program. 
      All these floats are core floats (PROVOR) manufactured by NKE, with their cycle time being set to 7 days. Mr. Zhaoqin Li from the China Argo Real-time Data Center has been in charge of the float deployments.

Float trajectories as of 28 March 2021 (red dots represent the latest positions of the floats)

Zhaoqin Li was ready to deploy a PROVOR float