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Argo Real-time data

Since 2002, over 500 floats have been deployed by China Argo Project in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and the South China Sea. These floats were deployed by about 21 PIs from 11 organizations. When floats were deployed, shipboard CTD and laboratory Salinometer (Guild Line AutoSal 8400B) were used to make synchronous observations of T/S. And water samples are taken and measured in order to get the accurate salinity value near the Argo floats deployed, for the purpose of understanding the CTD's performance and correcting the in-situ data provided by the Argo floats.

China Argo Real-time Data Center (CARDC)/CSIO routinely receives Argos, Iridium BDS and RUDICS messages every day, and carries out message decoding and real-time quality control (RTQC) according to the Argo RTQC manual. Then all the data are submitted into GDACs and inserted into GTS via China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

In October 2015, CARDC established a service for Chinese profiling float with Beidou satellite system.

Click here to get Argo data from the China Argo floats. Also the data are accessible  from FTP site.



From 2020,  CARDC's local host started to synchronize twice a day with the Coriolis GDAC server.

Click here to access the mirrored Argo data set. 

** We strongly suggest users conduct post-quality-control cautiously piror to their usage.

Any use of or reliance by the user on the data set or any part thereof is at the user's own risk and CARDC/CSIO shall not be liable for any loss or damage howsoever arising as a result of such use.

Acknowledgement: The Argo data were collected and made freely available by the International Argo Program and the national programs that contribute to it (, The Argo Program is part of the Global Ocean Observing System (