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Events in 2021

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• 15 December 2021

      With the help of CARDC, Ocean University of China authorized the "Huaxiang 8" fishery transport ship to deploy 11 PROVOR_DOI floats (WMO No.: 2902825 ~ 2902836) in the Argentine basin of the South Atlantic (45 ° W, 45 ° s). All floats observations have being  received and processed by CARDC.

• 6-10 December 2021

      Zenghong and Xiaogang participated in ADMT-22 virtual meeting, and submitted the annual national report on Argo data management before the meeting.

• 28 October 2021

      《Scattered Dataset of Global Ocean Temperature and Salinity Profiles from the International Argo Program》 (1997-2020) produced by CARDC was officially released through the Global Change Research Data publishing & Repository( ). The data set contains over 2.24 million temperature and salinity profiles from more than 16,000 Argo floats, which has been post-quality-controlled and screened by CARDC.

• 27 October 2021

      Request by CARDC, the National Pilot Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, Qingdao (QNLM) added 37 HM2000 floats into China Argo. These floats were deployed by Ocean University of China, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, FIO and TIO in the form of project. 

• 11-12 October 2021

      At the invitation of Dr. Fan Wang, director of Institute of Oceanology, CAS, Zenghong attended the 7th China Scientific Data Conference held in Hohhot. During the meeting, Zenghong presented a talk entitled "Twenty years of Argo ocean observation in China".

• 7 May 2021

       Dr. Lijing Cheng, one of the members of CARDC's visiting scientists, and Zhetao Tan from the institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited CARDC. During their visit, Zhetao Tan introduced the development of the global ocean temperature observations quality control system, and the achievements of the construction of the IAP data set. The two sides agreed to cooperate in the detection of Argo salinity fast drift, climatology test for Argo TS profiles and data exchange.

• 24 April 2021
       The "Yunqi 2050 · Ocean Forum", organized by CSIO and China Polar Research Center, was held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. Dr. Yuntao Wang attended and chaired the forum. The theme of the forum is “Protect the marine ecology and guard the blue land”. The status of marine scientific exploration and investigation was presented during the meeting.


• 22 April 2021
       Organized by CSIO, the short video “Argo: the exploration guardian of the ocean” was recorded. In this video, Zenghong presented the technology of autonomous profiling float and the Argo program.

• 22-26 March 2021

       AST-22 meeting (video conference) hosted by the International Argo Program Office was held. Over 150 representatives from more than 10 countries attend the meeting. Fei Chai, Zenghong, Xiaogang and Xiaofen from CARDC, Zhaohui Chen from Ocean University of China and Dr. Ya Yang from the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences participated in the meeting.


• 21 March 2021

       Through the investigation cruise in the Indian Ocean (“Xiang Yang Hong 10” R/V), a HM2000_DO profiling float (WMO ID: 2902758) that HSOE developed was launched in the Bay of Bengal and reported observations via Beidou Satellite. The float carries both SBE41 CP CTD and Aanderaa 4330 optode sensors, and allows measuring oxygen in air when the float drifts at the sea surface.


• 8 March 2021

       Dr. Daji Huang, Director of the Fourth Institute of Oceanography, MNR, and people from marine department from the Science Technology Department of Guangxi, Guangxi Ocean Bureau, and Guangxi Ocean Research Institute, visited CARDC. During their visit, Zenghong introduced the status of the Argo program and the implementation of China Argo.


• 29 JAN 2021

       Zhaoqin Li, the assistant research fellow from CARDC completed the deployment of 21 Argo floats in the tropical western Pacific ocean. The voyage was conducted by the R/V “Xiang Yang Hong 06” and Dr. Feng Zhou, the director of SOED, served as the leader of the cruise. These floats will be an important part of China's TPOS-2020 observation system.

• 28 JAN 2021

       Invited by Professor Zhaohui Chen from the Pilot National Laboratory of Marine Science and Technology (Qingdao), Zenghong visited HSOE and investigated the development of the HM4000 float. During his visit, the deputy manager, Mr. Chong Ren introduced progress on the float assembly and field test planning. Zenghong gave some suggestions on the floats sampling strategy and data reception and processing.