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New GDCSM-Argo data products officially released

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       The GDCSM Argo data product, co-produced by China Argo Real-time Data Center (CARDC) and Shanghai Ocean University, is officially released online on November 10, 2021. The data product is completely made of the global Argo temperature and salinity profile that has been quality controlled by the CARDC. And the subsurface(5~2000m) dimensional grid data is constructed based on the Gradiente-dependent Correlation Scale Method (GDCSM). The surface temperature field is calculated by using the temperature parameter model, and the surface salinity and sound velocity field are obtained by Akima extrapolation method. Compared with the old GDCSM_ Argo, the new version extends the spatial range from the Pacific Ocean to the global ocean, and adds elements such as sound velocity, mixing layer depth, lower boundary depth of thermocline and thermocline intensity. The temporal and spatial resolution of the product is basically the same as that of the BOA Argo data product and the download address is:
       The development of GDCSM Argo data product is funded by the National Natural Science Foundation Project "the impact of vortex evolution in the Kuroshio Pro tidal intersection area on squid habitat and fishery changes" (4210060098) and Key Laboratory of Sustainable Development of Ocean Fishery Resources of Ministry of Education (2018HY-XKQ03).