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Events in 2015

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December 14-15, 2015









      As invited, Prof. Xu Jianping and Dr. Cao Minjie visited Prof. Gao Guoping in Shanghai Ocean University. During the visit, they had a discussion about how to enhance the investigation in deep oceans,  deep-sea fishery and Southern Ocean on the basis of  “Long-term cooperation mechanism Strategic Co-operation Frame Agreement between the Second Institute Of Oceanography & Shanghai Ocean University ”.

November 19, 2015









      Mr. Wang Hua, the deputy secretary of the department of Forecasting and Disaster Reduction, SOA visited China Argo Real-time Data Center, accompanied by his two colleagues. They had a discussion about the progress of China Argo project with researchers at our laboratory.


November 4-6, 2015









      The 16th Argo Data Management (ADMT-16) Meeting was held in Bermuda. The meeting was hosted by Woods Hole Institute of Oceanography, and organized by BIOS. More than 40 representatives from 11 countries attended the meeting. Research assistant Lu Shaolei from China Argo Real-Time Data Center participated in the meeting and introduced the development of the HM-2000 float and its data stream.



October 14-25, 2015









     The 24th annual meeting of PICES was held in Qingdao. As invited, associated research scientist Liu Zenghong, attended the meeting as international Argo observer, and gave specially invited reports on three Sessions of Sub-Committee (MONITOR, POC and IPCC AR5).


October 9-13, 2015









      The 3th China-Malaysia Workshop on Marine Science and Technology was held in Xiamen. The workshop was hosted by SOA, and organized by Third Institute of Oceanography, SOA. More than 50 directors and researchers from 10 departments in Malaysia and China attended the workshop. Research assistant Wu Xiaofen from China Argo Real-Time Data Center attended the workshop and gave a report about ” Progress of Global Argo and Profiling Float Technology”.



September 7-18, 2015









     The 5th Training Course of the UNESCO/IOC Regional Training and Research Center on Ocean Dynamics and Climate was held in Qingdao, 35 students from 16 countries including Research assistant Wu Xiaofen who is from China Argo Real-time Data Center attended the course and gave a report on "Application of Argo data", as well as the status of China Argo project.



September 18, 2015









<span style="font-family:" color:#444444;background:white;"="">       Supported by State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics independent funding project and national special project of basic scientific research, with technical support from Qingdao Hisun Ocean Equipment Co. Ltd., as well as International Argo information center,"Beidou Autonomous profiling float data receiving and service center (preparatory)" was setup at Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA, and had been receiving data from HM2000 floats in western Pacific.


September 2015








     Supported by the Science and Technology Strategic Pilot Projects and NSFC sharing cruise, China Argo Real-time Data Center and Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences deployed a batch of floats in northwestern Pacific Ocean. Among these floats, 9 floats were deployed by China Argo Real-time Data Center including 5 Iridium APEX floats and 4 standard APEX floats. Senior engineer Sun Chaohui and research assistant Lu Shaolei from the China Argo Real-time Data Center went to Qingdao and carried out a final test for all floats before deployment.


August 16-22, 2015







      Research assistant Wu Xiaofen attended the International Geographical Union (IGU) s 2015 Regional Conference (Moscow, Russia), and gave a post titled "Variation of Indo-Pacific upper ocean heat content during 2001–2012 revealed by Argo".



August 6-12, 2015






      Invited by Prof. Yuan Dongliang from Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Xu Jianping gave a report on "Quality Control of CTD and Argo Floats Observation Data", and donated the “Argo dataset CD 1996-2014” and “Argo data CD 2007-2014” to data users.


July 16, 2015





       Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The purpose of this agreement is to enhance real-time ocean observing in northwestern Pacific ocean, and to deepen an understanding about the physical oceanography and circulation within this region, as well as to support our own profiling float to contribute to the construction of China Argo and global Argo observing network. 


July 8-10, 2015




      The 10th Seminar of Ocean Data Assimilation was held in Harbin. The meeting was hosted by National Marine Data Information & Service. 99 representatives from 27 organizations attended the meeting. During the meeting Prof. Xu Jianping gave a report titled " Construct the Real-Time Ocean Observation and Guarantee Service System on Marine Silk Road", and Yang Xiaoxin gave a report tiltled "Variation of upper ocean heat content revealed by Argo".



May 12, 2015



      Five APEX Argo floats purchased by the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)—" Upper Ocean Response and Feedback Mechanisms to Typhoon" arrived at China Argo Real-time Data Center. A pre-deployment test for all floats was done by our technicians. The floats are planned to be deployed in the west Pacific Ocean.



April 22, 2015



     33 students and teachers from Hohai University visited China Argo Real-time Data Center. Liu Zenghong introduced the operating principle of Argo profiling float and the latest progress of Argo project to them.

March 17, 2015

      Invited by Li Jiabiao (director of SIO/SOA), Prof. Ding Yihui from National Climate Center visited Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA, and gave a lecture on "The Effects of the Ocean in Accelerated & Slowdown the Global Warming".

March 17-20, 2015

      The 16th Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-16) was held in Brest, France. Four Chinese representatives took part in the meeting, who are associated research scientist Liu Zenghong and senior engineer Sun Chaohui from the China Argo Real-time Data Center, associated research scientist Ji Fengying from the NMDIS, associated research scientist Xue Lei from National Meteorological Information Center.

March 11, 2015

      Prof. Chai Fei from University of Maine and Dr. Zhao Yi, the CEO of SEATREC, visited China Argo Real-Time Data Center.They discussed with Prof. Xu Jianping about the progress of Argo project and the energy supply on profiling floats.

January 20, 2015

     Prof. Yang Canjun from Zhejiang University visited China Argo Real-time Data Center, accompanied with his 3 colleagues. During the visit, Liu Zenghong discussed the principal of profiling float, replacement of battery, and float testing with them.

January 16, 2015

      The 3rd expert group meeting of the national special project of basic scientific research "Real-time Survey of the Western Pacific Ocean with Argo" (Contact No: 2012FY112300) was held in Beijing. More than 20 representatives from Ministry of Science and Technology of the People s Republic of China (MOST), State Oceanic Administration (SOA), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University and PLA University of Science and Technology attended the meeting.